michigan wedding dj
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michigan wedding dj
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michigan wedding dj
your wedding dj will make or break your reception
Your DJ Is Responsible For   
80% Of The Success Of Your
Entire Event Endeavor !

Don't Settle For Less Than
You Deserve From
Inexperienced DJ Companies!
Your choice of emcee and musical host is one of the most important decisions you'll be
making as you plan your event. There are many horror stories of the lowest priced DJ
company providing an inexperienced disc jockey, illegal or inferior music library, shoddy
equipment, poor people skills and late arrival or no show.  djdiscjockey.com has prepared
this information to help you evaluate the entertainment you may be considering.  You may
want to print this page and use it in comparing the companies you are considering.

Does your DJ have experience?

With experience comes confidence and knowledge. Many things can happen during an event, both
expected and unexpected. A DJ's ability to handle any situation that could arise can have a profound
effect on the success of an event. Of course, it is not just experience that counts but it is one
important factor to consider.

Does your DJ have backup equipment available on-site?

In case of equipment malfunction, your DJ should always have backup equipment immediately
available, not "back at the shop" in which case you could have music interruption time of an hour or

Does your DJ have an adequate music selection?

We have thousands upon thousands of songs and with our customized program that fits what YOU
want, you are sure to hear all your favorite songs at your event!

Does your DJ have references?

Anybody can hand pick a couple good references.  Do you think they would give you a bad
reference? Of course not. Talk to your potential DJ and decide whether he or she fits what YOU

Does your DJ use professional grade sound equipment?

There is a tremendous difference in quality and reliability between home stereo equipment and
professional duty sound equipment. Your DJ should use nothing but the highest quality, professional
sound equipment available. Only by using good equipment can you be reasonably assured of quality
sound and reliable operation of the equipment.

Will your DJ guarantee your complete satisfaction?

Your DJ should provide quality assurance to the client. For instance, they should guarantee your
complete satisfaction and be willing to do whatever is necessary to make you completely happy.

Some people view DJ's as a commodity and choose the cheapest one they can find.  However, an
inexperienced entertainer can make the difference between an "EVENT TO REMEMBER" and an
unforgettable nightmare. If You Are Searching For The "Cheapest"  DJ, here is what you will get!

Inexperienced & Under Dressed For Your Occasion.
Shoddy Home Stereo Equipment "Plopped" Sloppily & Unorganized On A Table
Small Variety Of Music Selections.
Personality of a grapefruit
Imagine The Embarrassment & Horror You Will Experience!
Cheap DJs Are Not Experienced! Remember, cheap by definition is "of poor quality; inferior"

Experienced DJs Are Not Cheap! djdiscjockey.com does not maintain an expensive Yellow
Pages ad or other unnecessary overhead that ends up in your rate. We give you
professional quality at a great rate!

"It's The Most Important Day In Your Life . . . Isn't It Worth
Investing In Quality?"

The checklist above is just an idea of some of the factors that distinguish a true
professional from an amateur. You should also consider the personality of the party host
and the ability of the person to involve your guests in the festivities. Courteousness,
politeness, general appearance and announcing skills are other important factors to

Clearly, there is a lot to consider if you want the very best entertainment for your event.
Don't take unnecessary risks, thoroughly check out the entertainer you are considering
hiring because you deserve nothing but the best!
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