From the city that brought you the automobile, Motown, The MC5, Alice Cooper, Bob Seger, Eminem, Kid Rock and many more comes the
latest musical addition from the great City of Detroit...... Loco Joe!

Songs You Won't Hear In Church is a foot tappin', soul shakin, hilarious collection of songs that is prime to be the soundtrack to America's
2012 summer party. There's no bullshit, no click track. It's just KICKASS MUSIC!!

Loco Joe was born in Detroit, Michigan and has had the unique opportunity to jam with the who's who of Detroit's awesome music scene over
the last 20 years.

His overall love of life and unique take on the world around him has not only left a lot of smiles, but a few stains too! 1000's of people have
been positively affected by his ever present smile and the love of everything around him, especially this music. The songs on this CD are a
culmination of hanging out with all of the incredible people, musicians and fans while proudly living the legendary Detroit party.
(Did you know that Loco was the Mayor of 8 Mile for 11 years!! Much more on this later..)

Take a listen, we've condensed it into four minutes. You might damn near say or at least think.....


From rock to country to blues, Songs You Won't Hear In Church is guaranteed to entertain from the moment you put it on!